In search of an embodiment* between the unbound and the ordered

She looks for ways to find structures in the seemingly wild and organic growth of things – like encoded sequences leading to a rhythm that captivates the viewer.

The work is about translating the visual world around us but it also translates the ritual mechanisms that we follow in our every day experiences

~ meaning what we see and how we behave…and finally, the repetitive process it brings about.

She is busy with questions such as:

How can intuition** be such a strong foundation to build on?

Where does it come from

Is it something engraved in us from the moment we are born

To what extent does our conditioning play a role

¿Consciously following the subconscious?

Giving it a form

* a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality or feeling
** the ability to understand something instintively without the need for conscious reasoning